EzmanHave you ever considered doing something that over 1 billion people can see it, if only they knew it is there? That is the opportunity the Internet provides. Anything you put on the Internet can be accessed by a prospective more than 1,000,000 people all over the world. It is thus imperative that you take advantage of this opportunity to boost your sales and profit. One sure way to achieve that is video marketing. Here are 5 tips for efficient video marketing.

1. Mass Promotion

Reaching the mass population on the Internet would require some level of promotions. This promotion would help to advance your videos to places where prospective customers can see the video. The easiest way to promote your video on the Internet is to pay for ad services. You could look for reputable companies like ezvidio offering video marketing services and pay them to help you mass promote your video.
They do this by paying Linked-in, Twitter, Google Adsense and YouTube amongst other mass promotion sites to promote your video. They also post on their social media pages which often have a large number of followers. Based on this, they can help you reach out to a large group of people.

2. Promote Your Video On Groups

There are a lot of social platforms and instant messaging applications such as facebook and whatsapp which allow creating and joining of groups. You could join a lot of these groups and drop links to your videos on such group. For better results, you could target groups whose subjects are related to your niche. Most of these people would thus be interested in your goods and services and would be sure to watch your video and visit your website. In a short while, you could get a number of the people on this group patronizing you and even linking you up with other customers.

3. Use Keywords

A lot of people use the search engine regularly to search for information about what they need. They also do the same when they visit video sharing sites such as YouTube. They use the search box to search for the type of video they want to watch. When the phrase or sentence they type in the search box match with the keyword on your video, your video comes up amongst the search results. You should thus use keywords judiciously so that you can reach people that search for video regarding to your niche. This is very efficient because when a person looks for a particular information, it implies that it is an area of interest of the person. The probability of the person patronizing you is thus very high.

4. Viral Video Sites

Another way to mass promote your video is to post it on viral video sites. There are a number of websites that have a very high followership with hundreds of millions of people going there on a daily basis to watch video. Share your videos on this type of site and you can be sure that a number of people would get to watch it. Examples of viral video sites you can post your video on include Dailymotion and YouTube amongst several others. Post your video on all of them.

5. Video Editing

For your video to appeal to an audience, you have to ensure that it is well edited. There is also the probability of prospective customers judging the quality of your goods and/or services by the quality of your video. When your video is thus not properly edited, they would assume your goods and/or services would also be of inferior quality. You can hire ezvidio experts to edit your video properly and in right format.

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EzmanIf you’re thinking about using a promo video to increase sales traffic and conversions, that is a great idea. But whether you create your promotional video using expensive software, or an online video maker, you should have a general idea of what you want to achieve, and how you’re going to get there. What follows is an overview of some of the things that all of the best promo videos online have in common.

#1: The Best Promo Videos Focus on Engagement and Quality Content

No one likes to feel like they are being forced to sit through a sales pitch or a brand message. In order for a promotional video to add value to the life of the viewer, it must offer them something more than a simple sales pitch or brand message–whether that be advice on how to make their lives easier, education about something they didn’t previously know, or even a few minutes of entertainment value. The primary goal the best promotional videos is to create something useful and unique for the viewer that they will not only enjoy or use themselves, but that they might talk about, and even share with their friends and family.

#2: The Best Promo Videos Attract Viewers Rather Than Interrupting Them

No one likes it when a commercial break interrupts their favorite sporting event or TV show, and the same can be said for internet viewers. Therefore, the best promo videos don’t make the viewer feel inconvenienced by watching them. Instead, the viewer of a promotional video should be attracted to the video by the quality of its content and the message it is sending. This should be a no-brainer, but your promo video only works at increasing sales and driving traffic if people actually watch it.

Social networking sites can be a great tool for those trying to market their business and increase their conversions if they are able to create something consumers want to watch. This is because a person’s social network feed is like a museum of content that has been curated by the others in his/ her network, and consumers have become accustomed to that curation. Therefore, we prefer to watch promos and advertisements that we choose, rather than ads that are forced upon us. The makers of the best promo videos recognize this, and create promo videos that viewers will choose to watch.

#3: The Best Promo Videos Have a Professional Look and Feel

No one likes to watch something that is rushed or poorly thought out. That is true on the internet as well. That is why the best promo videos all have a professional look and feel to them–a more polished look makes the viewer feel as if they are in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, and who they can trust, which is one of the most important things to consumers. Therefore, it is important to know what you’re doing when you create a promo video, or at the very least, find someone who does. There are many types of movie maker software that you can download that can help you make your promotional video look more professional, but they are often expensive and difficult to use. Another option is an online movie maker to help you make the best possible promo video and give it that polished look and feel.

So while making a promo video is a great way to promote your company and its services, follow these guidelines and maybe your promotional video or advertisement will be one of the best promo videos that gets people talking!cretate a videi

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In today’s internet marketing landscape, it seems like you have to know how to create a video to sell your product. Promo videos have become a necessity, as they drive traffic to your website, help to increase sales and conversions, and speak to your customers directly in a way that print media just can’t do any more. However, movie and trailer maker software can be expensive and difficult to use without some serious technical know-how. Fortunately, it has become easier to find a web-based movie maker online that will meet your needs, and probably save you some money, letting you make videos online.

The thing is, there are a lot of online movie maker options to choose from, so it can be difficult to determine which option will be the best online movie maker for your needs. So, the goal of this guide is to tell you some things that you should look for.

First, you will want to choose an online movie maker service that is easy to use. The whole point of making videos online is to avoid the cost and technical skills needed to make promo videos with software that you download onto your computer. So, choose a service that requires no technical skills in order to eliminate some of the headache associated with making promo videos. There are some online movie makers, like Ezvidio, that let you simply pick a template and customize it with your text, photos, video footage, and music to create your video. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Next, choose an online movie maker service that is fast. If you wanted to wait around for your video, you would have hired a freelancer to do the job for you. The best online movie makers will not have you waiting around for your video. With any good online movie maker, you should have your video within 30 minutes. That is plenty of time for the servers to convert your files into a promo video that you can be proud of.

Also, while we’re on the subject, you should choose an online movie maker service that is affordable. Again, part of the point of creating your own video online is to save money. You shouldn’t be paying through the teeth for a professional quality video from a movie maker online. You can expect a quality video from an online movie maker service to cost you anywhere between $30-$100, depending upon the particular features you choose. If you’re paying more than that for your promo video, you should consider whether you are getting the best value for your money.

Finally, you should choose an online movie maker that gives you options for sharing the video that you created. Ezvidio, for example, provides you with an mp4 of your promo video, and also hosts the video online to make it easy to share. The flexibility of sharing options makes it easier than ever to create your own video and share it to get it in front of your potential customers.

It is so important to me able to create your own video these days to promote your business, service or website, and that is not always an easy job. But, If you follow these simple guidelines, it should be easy to choose an online movie maker to help you create your own video, and set you on the path to success, driving more traffic to your site, and helping you to increase your sales.

How To Make Your Own Video Online


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Video Market Marketing mising and Its Many Benefits a strategy by business owners to bring to public notice their goods and services. Marketing is important because prospective buyers need to get as much information about your goods before they can patronize. The current number of products and services produced in the market leaves buyers with a lot of options. Marketing helps you convince people to choose your products over other products.

What Is Video Marketing?
Video marketing can be defined as putting the information about your products in video formats and then put on media through which customers can see them. Video is an electronic medium that involves display, broadcasting, playback, copying and recording of moving visual media. The mediums through which video media can be broadcasted for people to view include television, video billboards and the Internet.

Why Video Marketing Is So Important?
The use of video marketing is very important as it helps you to get information about your products and services to your customers and prospective customers in an appealing format. While advertising in text could be effective, it is believed that a picture is worth a thousand words. Furthermore, a buyer can get all that 1,000 words information in less than 10 seconds, as opposed to the minimum of 10 minutes he might need to read through a 1,000 words text.
Videos are made up of series of pictures that are moving, comparing a picture to a 1 minute video; it would be justifiable to say the 1 minute video is worth 60,000 words, just based on the pictures. Furthermore, the fact that videos allow you to add voice recordings, the viewers can just listen as opposed to reading and concentrate more on the colorful pictures in the videos.
Video marketing is also important because you would have a lot more audience compared to using text format. If people are given the option of reading a 200 page novel or watching the same novel, acted into a 2 hours movie, a whole lot of people would rather prefer watch the movie. Video formats of marketing are thus far more appealing to other types of advertising.
Furthermore, there are a lot of genres of videos which you could exploit. These genres include comedy, adventure, horror and romance amongst many others. You can use any of these genres to pass across your information to your audience in such a way that would be appealing to them. Furthermore, they would always remember you advert, especially if it is in a genre that they enjoy the most, such as comedy.

The tricky use of music is also another importance of video marketing. Having a superb video accompanied with a popular song would sure attract a lot of prospective buyers for your products and services. This is because the song would be a favorite of a lot of people as well as regularly played on radio, television and music stores. Anytime the individual hears the music, he would remember your product and if he needs a related product, the chance of patronizing you increases substantially.
Why Online Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing?

Watching video is getting more and more popular by the day. YouTube, the number one online video website has over 1 billion registered users. This implies that uploading video about your products on this website could allow you access a prospective 1 billion people all over the world.
There are however, a number of other video websites on the internet that are also popular that you can exploit to reach out to people about your goods and services. These people can subsequently patronize you leading to profit.

Platforms That Help Me Make Money through Video Marketing
Apart from using online videos to advertise your products and services, you also have the ability to make money through video by recording them and putting it online. If you could make videos in genres that people enjoy and upload online on your own website, you could generate a lot of traffic which you could convert to income through affiliate marketing and advertisements for clients in your locality.

You can, however, also make money from a number of websites such as YouTube. If you activate the advert section of your YouTube channel, people who want to watch your videos would first see YouTube adverts. YouTube would consequently pay you based on number of people that saw their adverts through your channel.
You can also offer to create marketing videos for businesses in your locality or on the Internet in exchange for payment.Ezman

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If you are a company looking to grow and increase sales and conversions, it seems like it is becoming more and more important to create a high-quality promo video that will drive traffic to your site, and even–if you’re lucky–be shared by your customers on social networking sites. It can be difficult and a little overwhelming learning how to create your own video, however, so the goal of this guide is to break down the process of how to create a video into steps that anyone can follow, even with little or no experience.

Step 1: Collect your images and draft your message:

Before you begin any project, you want to have all of your materials close at hand, and creating a quality promo video is no different. What photos will you use? What video footage represents you and your company or service in the most professional manner? What do you want the overall message of your video to be? Keep in mind that promo videos are usually more successful if they offer the customer something more than just a brand message. So think about what you are creating for your customers with your promo video. Is there a problem that you can solve? A question you can answer? The best promo videos will create something unique for their viewers.

Step 2: Choose an online movie maker service:

The great thing about the internet is that it streamlines every aspect of making videos, so that you no longer need to purchase video creation software that is expensive and difficult to use. Instead, choose an online movie maker service that is easy to use in order to create your own video. There are many online movie maker services available to choose from. It is recommended that you choose one that is easy to use, fast, and affordable. (If you create your own video using online video creation software, it should cost somewhere between about $30-$100). If you wanted to wait around, or spend a ton of money, you probably would have hired someone to create your promo video.

Step 3: Choose a template for your promo video:

Most online movie maker services will have a range of templated for you to choose from so that you can design the look and feel of the video to match the image or message you are trying to create. Dependent upon the price you are willing to pay, some may have both premium templates and free promo video options. If you choose a paid service, be sure that it lets you try a sample for free. The best online movie maker services will allow you to use their free video maker as a test product with a watermark that lets you see how your finished product will look.

Step 4: Upload your Content:

Insert the video footage, photos, and text that you want inside the different designated parts of the video template to create your own video. Make sure that the preview image of all parts are correct as you place each element to make your own video. Some online movie maker services, like Ezvidio, even have stock photos to choose from that you can include in your promo video as you create it.

Step 5: Choose the Soundtrack:

Select a music track that will make your video stand out. Make sure that you have the rights to use whatever video track you use, as this is the quickest way for an online video to get flagged and removed from hosting sites. The best online movie maker services will have a selection of quality stock music for you to choose from as you create your own video, or you can upload your own.

Step 6: Produce your video:

Most online movie maker services will give you a low-quality or watermarked preview of your promo video free before you purchase a higher quality version. Keep in mind that it can often take several minutes up to even a half-hour for even the best online movie maker to encode your promo video and give you a final copy. Now you have a great promo video that is ready to share! It’s not so difficult to create your own video if you follow these easy steps!


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