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If you are a company looking to grow and increase sales and conversions, it seems like it is becoming more and more important to create a high-quality promo video that will drive traffic to your site, and even–if you’re lucky–be shared by your customers on social networking sites. It can be difficult and a little overwhelming learning how to create your own video, however, so the goal of this guide is to break down the process of how to create a video into steps that anyone can follow, even with little or no experience.

Step 1: Collect your images and draft your message:

Before you begin any project, you want to have all of your materials close at hand, and creating a quality promo video is no different. What photos will you use? What video footage represents you and your company or service in the most professional manner? What do you want the overall message of your video to be? Keep in mind that promo videos are usually more successful if they offer the customer something more than just a brand message. So think about what you are creating for your customers with your promo video. Is there a problem that you can solve? A question you can answer? The best promo videos will create something unique for their viewers.

Step 2: Choose an online movie maker service:

The great thing about the internet is that it streamlines every aspect of making videos, so that you no longer need to purchase video creation software that is expensive and difficult to use. Instead, choose an online movie maker service that is easy to use in order to create your own video. There are many online movie maker services available to choose from. It is recommended that you choose one that is easy to use, fast, and affordable. (If you create your own video using online video creation software, it should cost somewhere between about $30-$100). If you wanted to wait around, or spend a ton of money, you probably would have hired someone to create your promo video.

Step 3: Choose a template for your promo video:

Most online movie maker services will have a range of templated for you to choose from so that you can design the look and feel of the video to match the image or message you are trying to create. Dependent upon the price you are willing to pay, some may have both premium templates and free promo video options. If you choose a paid service, be sure that it lets you try a sample for free. The best online movie maker services will allow you to use their free video maker as a test product with a watermark that lets you see how your finished product will look.

Step 4: Upload your Content:

Insert the video footage, photos, and text that you want inside the different designated parts of the video template to create your own video. Make sure that the preview image of all parts are correct as you place each element to make your own video. Some online movie maker services, like Ezvidio, even have stock photos to choose from that you can include in your promo video as you create it.

Step 5: Choose the Soundtrack:

Select a music track that will make your video stand out. Make sure that you have the rights to use whatever video track you use, as this is the quickest way for an online video to get flagged and removed from hosting sites. The best online movie maker services will have a selection of quality stock music for you to choose from as you create your own video, or you can upload your own.

Step 6: Produce your video:

Most online movie maker services will give you a low-quality or watermarked preview of your promo video free before you purchase a higher quality version. Keep in mind that it can often take several minutes up to even a half-hour for even the best online movie maker to encode your promo video and give you a final copy. Now you have a great promo video that is ready to share! It’s not so difficult to create your own video if you follow these easy steps!


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